As Warren Buffett turns 91; the four stock that made for 69% Berkshire's portfolio

As per to the Q1 FY22 filings, Berkshire's 69 percent of holding is concentrated in just over 4 companies


When it comes to the world of investing, the sequence of Omaha’s portfolio roil is watched like a hawk.


Having built a net worth of USD 104 billion from the markets, Warren Buffett operates on two simple rules that is "Never lose money" as Rule 1 and Rule 2 states "Never forget rule 1."


With the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Berkshire Hathaway turning 91 young today, let's take a look at his top 4 holdings and the crown jewels of Berkshire Hathaway.


As per to the company’s Q1 FY22 filings, approximately 69 percent of the total fair value is concentrated in just four companies which includes, American Express, Apple, Bank of America and The Coca-Cola Company.


1. Apple- USD 124.3 billion : Warren Buffett bought 10 million shares of Apple back in 2016. And in 2020, the billionaire investor had sold some of his Apple shares and later admitted that it was "probably a mistake”.


2. Bank of America– USD 42.6 billion : This has been one of the favourite stocks of Buffett’s since 2007. Berkshire bought 8.7 million shares of Bank of America in the middle of the subprime crisis in 2007, and has been adding on to it. While there's no no particular reason given for his liking towards the stock, Warren Buffett is generally a fan of banking names.



3. American Express– $25.1 billion : Buffett first bet on this stock in 1964 during the Salad Oil Scandal. The owner of Allied Crude Vegetable Oil, Anthony De Angelis, used the company’s inventory of salad oil as security to obtain loans from American Express and was later discovered that the tanks were full with only water and a few feet of salad oil floating on top.


This is when Buffett purchased a 5 percent stake in the company which resulted in one of his early investment successes.


4. The CocaCola Company – USD 21.6 billion : Warren Buffett loves drinking coke and had once infamously said, “If you gave me USD 100 billion and said take away the soft drink leadership of CocaCola in the world, I'd give it back to you and say it can't be done.” He first bought the Coca-Cola equities in 1988 and has been an investor since then.

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