Astronauts share picture of Himalaya and Italy taken from space

It's almost yummy to me and it makes me wish to get a nitrogen ice cream: said an enthusiast netizen

NASA and ISS in their official verified social media handle is known for sharing stunning pictures from space which usually led netizens awestruck.

Recently, two astronauts have share stunning picture from ISS and within no time comments sections get filled with thousands of overwhelmed annotations.

The first image is tweeted by astronaut and flight engineer Mark T. Vande Hei and it shows the majestic Himalayas. On Twitter he captioned “Somewhere on a clear, bright day in the Himalayas. I can’t get enough views like this,” he wrote while sharing the picture.

Another picture, shared by astronaut Shane Kimbrough, shows an Italian city named Turin. On his Twitter handle, he wrote “Turin, Italy – a city with rich history and culture in northern Italy is easy to spot from @Space_Station.”

Some of the enthralled netizens commented “"Thanks for sharing. It's almost yummy to me and it makes me wish to get a nitrogen ice cream. I'm still indecisive regarding its flavo(u)r. Oh yes: diabolo iceberg!"

Another user wrote: “Such a majestic view, I should say you guys are so fortunate those us.” There are thousands of comments from the netizens who share their views on stunning views.


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