At least 32 killed, 66 injured in major train crash in southern Egypt

Egypt is known as one of the country where many major rail accidents has taken place

In a tragic incident two trains collided southern Egypt result in killing of at least 32 passenger. This incident taken when three passenger cars flip over, apart from that 66 injured people were injured. 

In order to rescue a dozens of ambulance vehicles were rushed to the scene of the crash.


The videos from the tragic incident scene with flipped wagons and passengers trapped inside surrounded by rubble has surfaced on media. In the video Some victims seemed unconscious while others seen bleeding. Local people carried bodies laying them out on the ground near the site of the accident.


Egypt is known for its bad railway management as one of the deadliest accident occurred in 2002 when 373 people died as a fire ripped through a crowded train south of Cairo.

Also in March last year, at least 13 people were injured when two passenger trains collided in Cairo, resultant in brief suspension of rail services nationwide. Another incident happened in February 2019 when train derailed and caught fire at Cairo’s main railway station killing more than 20 people.

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