Australia's worst flood

Emergency crews have responded to about 6,000 calls for help

Australia is affected by the worst flood due to anomalous downpour and a tornado that had wreaked havoc in the New South Wales state of the country. The Warragamba Dam, the major water supply of the state had overflow leading to the flood.

The evacuation process had already begun. People were ordered to flee their houses in the middle of the night as fast-moving waters caused widespread destruction. On March 21, about another 1,000 people were asked to evacuate, it is estimated that around 4,000 people may be asked to leave their houses. The evacuation centres in towns which are to the north of Sydney were already filled with affected people.

The emergency services have been carrying out about 650 flood rescues since flood has begun and have called for reinforcements from other states. Prime Minister Scott Morrison in a Facebook post announced federal financial assistance for those affected.

Meteorologists had said that the downpour is set to continue for several days. Emergency crews have responded to about 6,000

calls for help since the start of the rains on March 18, including nearly 700 direct pleas for rescue from floods.

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