Boy swims from Morocco to Spain using empty plastic bottles

He said that he would rather die than go back to Morocco.

A Moroccan boy used empty plastic bottles to swim to Spain's North African enclave of Ceuta this week. He floated in a dark T-shirt with the bottles under his clothes and attached to his arms, and seen crying as he reached the beach only to be led away by soldiers, it also gained lots of media attention.

He said that he would rather die than go back to Morocco. Soldiers accompanied the crying boy through the gate to the security zone between the two countries, along with other migrants.

Deporting minors is illegal in Spain and hundreds have been processed in a makeshift reception centre in Ceuta.

The boy was one of some 8,000 migrants who swam or climbed over a border fence into the enclave this week after Rabat relaxed border controls. Spain has deployed troops to Ceuta to patrol the border with Morocco and called the situation a crisis for Europe.

On the northern tip of Morocco across from Gibraltar and with a population of 80,000, the enclave's beaches are only a few hundred
metres (yards) away.

Al Messaoui, who speaks both languages tried to translate one side feelings to another. When he was asked what he would tell the parents of young Moroccans eager to cross over to Ceuta, he said: "Not to let them go, to be with them, and to be united as a family even if there are difficulties of life in their country... not to let them drift away alone, desperate, helpless."

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