California wild blazes destroy forests, prompt mass evacuations

The two big forest fires in California’s large sequoia country on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada continues to spread




A fresh wildfires in the northern California has spreaded rapidly on Thursday, burning the homes and encouraging evacuation orders in a rural community in Shasta county.


While, two big forest fires in the heart of California’s large sequoia country on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada continues to spread.


The smoke from those growing blazes has raised air quality concerns for the southern end of the Central Valley and flowed over the greater Los Angeles, darkening skies and that has caused the false reports of mountain fires.


The Fawn fire in northern California started on Wednesday in the north of Redding in Shasta county, and had burned more than 8.5 sq miles or 22 sq km of heavy timber sharply, rough and bumpy ground amidst hot, dry and gusty conditions.


KRCR-TV had aired the video of multiple houses burning around the autonomous Mountain Gate area, and as per to the officials, 25 structures were destroyed.


However, the officials said that they were not clear how many of them were homes.


As per to the state’s department of forestry and fire protection, across the California, over 9,000 firefighters remained assigned to 10 major and active wildfires.


California forest fires have burned over 3,671 sq miles in 2021 and has destroyed over 3,200 homes, commercial properties and other structures.


The historic drought tied to the climate crisis is making forest fires more difficult to fight.


Scientists say the climate changes has made the western region more warmer and drier in the last 30 years and will continue to make weather for more extreme and forest fires more frequent and devastating.


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