Donald Trump's team launches Twitter-like social media app 'GETTR'

The name GETTR was inspired by the words “Getting Together.”

Former President Donald Trump’s team launched a new social media platform on Thursday as an alternative to microblogging site.

The site, called GETTR, advertised as “fighting cancel culture, promoting common sense, defending free speech, challenging social media monopolies, and creating a true marketplace of ideas.”

This comes at a time when the former president has been looking for alternative ways to engage with his audience after having been oust off Twitter and suspended from Facebook by White house riot’s controversial post.

The app is currently in beta form and will be officially launched on July 4 at 10a.m. Former Trump campaign spokesperson Tim Murtaugh is involved as a consultant on the app.

The GETTR app first went live on the Google and Apple app stores in mid-June and was most recently updated Wednesday. It’s been downloaded more than one thousand times on each.

A description for GETTR on the app stores calls it a “non-bias social network for people all over the world.” The app is rated “M” for mature, meaning it is recommended for users 17 and older.

The name GETTR was inspired by the words “Getting Together.” One can posts here which will be 777 characters long, the app will host videos up to three minutes in length, and will also be capable of hosting live streams, the person working on the app said. Headquarters for the app are located in New York.

GETTR’s user interface appears similar to that of Twitter. Initial promotional materials for GETTR on the app stores displayed posts of users celebrating the House of Representatives no longer requiring masks on the floor of the chamber.

Initial trending topics on the app included the hashtags “#trump,” “#virusorigin,” “#nra” and “#unrestrictedbioweapon.” Those tags refer to the China, which said to have created the Covid-19 virus in a lab as a bioweapon.

GETTR’s app also claims to offer new users the ability to “import copies of your content from Twitter to GETTR.” The new platform is also allowing users to import their actual Twitter followers — who somehow end up with GETTR accounts of their own.


For an instance, Republican Senate candidate Sean Parnell in Pennsylvania, had over 175,000 followers on GETTR as of Thursday afternoon, despite only joining the platform Thursday. His follower count on GETTR is identical to his follower count on Twitter.


The same goes for Murtaugh, Trump’s former 2020 communications director, who had over 220,000 followers on both GETTR and Twitter as of Thursday afternoon.


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