Egypt to close Rafah crossing with Gaza for "Security Reasons"

Apparently it is a security issue which is indicated by the Egyptian security authorities

The Egyptian authorities has told the Palestinian Hamas that it will close the only crossing with the Gaza Strip named Rafah border crossing from Monday.

Iyad al-Bozom, a spokesman for the Hamas-controlled Gaza interior ministry, said that they were informed by the Egyptian authorities that the crossing will be closed on Monday.

Security sources in Egypt also confirmed saying that the border will be closed and did not give any details for the sudden action. Apparently it is a security issue which is indicated by the Egyptian security authorities.

All the actions which were taken appeared to be a protest from Cairo after the terrorist group Hamas held violent protests on the border with Israel and during the riot an Israeli soldier was shot and critically wounded while Forty-one Palestinians were injured. Aftermath of the action resulted in an Israeli airstrike on four Hamas weapons depots.

Egypt had been trying to extend the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas but violence still erupts. Israel does not control the crossing points which were opened to allow wounded Palestinians to be treated in Egyptian hospitals and deliver medical aid by the Egyptian authorities.

Israel and Egypt maintain a blockade on Gaza, which they say is designed to prevent Hamas from smuggling in weapons and materials to construct fortifications and tunnels.

The Hamas has ruled Gaza after the Palestinian Authority were overthrown in a violent coup in 2007 and since then, four major fighting took place between Israel and Hamas.

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