France imposes third national lockdown

The announcement clearly stated that there will be no movement in Paris.

French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday, ordered a third nation lockdown as the the country witnessed an upsurge of the deadly coronavirus.

Macron ordered all schools to remain closed for three weeks as an attempt to push back the third wave of COVID-19 infections that threatens to clog hospitals. “We will lose control if we do not move on,” said the President.

The announcement clearly stated that there will be no movement in Paris, including some northern and southern regions for more than a week, adding that this will be implemented across the country for at least a month.

France’s Itensive Care Units (ICUs) are at capacity with more than 5,000 virus-hit patients, a health official said.

Meanwhile, all kind of gatherings are strictly prohibited. People are not allowed to travel more than 10 kilometers(6.2 miles) from their homes. Macron further stated that unlike last spring, people don’t have to fill out a form with the date, time and, purpose of their outing.

Jacob Kirkegaard, who studies a health care system said almost thirteen percent of the French people have received first dose of a vaccine. Only 4% have been fully vaccinated. But the President has said that the pace of vaccination would go faster very soon.

Patrick Bouet, President of the national council of the order of doctors called on Macron to introduce strict measures to curb the spread of the infection at large. “The virus is winning and we have lost control of the pandemic,” Bouet said.

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