Haiti Earthquake: Death Toll Crosses 2,000

Around 9,900 people have been injured as of now.


The massive earthquake that destroyed Haiti last week has brought the country “on its knees” as Haiti PM confirmed the official death toll rose to 2,189. Around 9,900 people were injured.


“The earthquake that devastated a large part of the south of the country proves once again our limits, and how fragile we are,” the PM said.


The earthquake caused more than thousands of houses to collapse. After which a tropical storm brought torrential downpours on survivors who were already suffering with the catastrophe.


The country is already in political turmoil after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise on 7 July and now the public is frustrated with the authorities because of slow aid.


The hospitals are completely destroyed and operating systems are not working. The tents can blow away because of the hurricane season and there is a dire need for medicines, water, shelter etc.

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