Heatwave burns down Canada town

A wildfire has burned 90 per cent of the village that recorded Canada recorded highest temperature.

A forest fire that began after three days of highest temperature recorded across the north-west of the United States and western Canada.

The forest fire has destroyed most of the small western Canadian town of Lytton, as government officials issued fresh evacuation orders on Thursday as more fire tore through the province.

Around thousand people have been evacuated late on Wednesday in and around Lytton, after the fast-moving fire engulfing the community.

British Columbia officials said the wild fire also caused extensive damage to BC Hydro stations and highways, limiting access to Lytton by road.

The blazing heat wave also devastated the U.S. Northwest with record high temperatures. Lytton set a highest record of 49.6 degrees Celsius.

Strong winds gusting up to 71 kph were recorded in the area which were flaming the fires on Wednesday.

To which, wild fires recorded at least 486 sudden deaths over five days to Wednesday which is nearly three times more than the usual number that would had occur over that period.

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