Hurricane Ida devastates America

The storm calmed while reaching north but still caused severe flash flooding

Hurricane Ida has damaged the country severely in the past few days. The official death toll states that 13 people have died while around 600,000 customers in Louisiana are still in a Power outage for a week after the category 4 hurricane made the landfall.


The storm started rampage in Louisiana on 29 August with sustained winds around 240 kilometre per hour.


The storm lost it's force as it traveled north but still caused severe flash flooding on the East Coast which killed at least 50 people more.


Ida caused the record rainfall which resulted in water gushing through transportation facilities in the city and flooded 1,200 homes. It is estimated that it caused more than $50 million in damage. New York Governor Kathy Hochul said, "The human toll was tremendous."


A spokesperson for Governor Phil Murphy in New Jersey confirmed 27 deaths and four people are still missing.


The Governor of Louisiana John Bel Edwards has increased the number of storm deaths in his Gulf Coast state to 13 while numbers are set to rise with time.


In this severe heat and humidity, several homes and businesses in the state lacked electricity. Around 1.2 million users had originally lost power.


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