Japan's Parliament set to formally choose Fumio Kishida as new Prime Minister

Suga resigned only after spending one year in office after seeing his support getting deteriorate over his government's handling of the pandemic


Fumio Kishida is all set to take his throne as the new prime minister of Japan after Yoshihide Suga's resignation. His major tasks will be tackling the pandemic and security challenges before the national election.


Kishida is now leader of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and is all set to win the parliamentary vote for prime minister later Monday as the party and its coalition partner control both houses.


Suga resigned only after one year in office after seeing his support deteriorate over his government's handling of the pandemic and also due to the insistence on holding the Olympics as the virus spread.


Kishida is a former foreign minister and turned hawkish apparently to win over influential conservatives in the party.


According to reports, all but two of a total twenty Cabinet posts under Suga will be replaced while thirteen of them were appointed to ministerial posts for the first time. Majority of the posts directly went to powerful people who voted for Kishida in the party election and three women are reportedly included, up from two in Suga's government.


It is also known that Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi and Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi are to be retained which will ensure continuity of Japan's diplomacy and security policies as the country seeks to work with Washington under the bilateral security pact. The country is facing growing nuclear and missile threats from North Korea.


The new PM's top priority will be the economy and Japan's health care systems, vaccination campaign.


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