Kerala women killed as Gaza launches rocket on Israel

Soumya Santosh, a caregiver in Israel, originally a resident of Keerithodu in the Idukki district of Kerala was killed in rocket attack


In the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel, Hamas Islamist movement in Gaza fired massive barrages of rockets at southern Israel on Tuesday, which led dozens of people losing their life, which includes an Indian.

Among the deceased was a 32-year-old Indian caregiver, Soumya Santosh, originally a resident of Keerithodu in the Idukki district of Kerala. Soumya was killed while her elderly charge, 80, was hospitalised in serious condition after one of the rockets struck her home. Santosh is survived by her husband and nine-year-old kid. She was on a video-call with her husband in Kerala just before the rocket attack started.

The ongoing conflict has seen hundreds of rockets fired at Israeli territory and retaliatory airstrikes from Jerusalem. 

On Tuesday, Hamas said that it fired 137 rockets in around five minutes in an apparent attempt to overwhelm the Iron Dome missile defense system.

A technical issue with an Iron Dome battery during the massive rocket bombardment toward the coastal city prevented some rockets from being interrupted and may have been responsible for the fatalities. 

The Israel Defence Forces instructed residents to remain in reinforced areas following a number of buildings in the city suffering direct hits throughout the day. 

Over 630 rockets were fired at Israel from Monday evening through Tuesday afternoon, 200 of which were intercepted by Iron Dome missile defence batteries while 150 others fell short of their targets and landed inside the Strip.

Meanwhile, the United Nations (UN) urged Israel to exercise maximum restraint and standardise use of force in Gaza.

The EU also calls for an immediate end to the ongoing violence and said that everything must be done to prevent a broader conflict, which will, first and foremost, affect the civilian populations on both sides.

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