Lebanon : 20 killed in fuel tanker explosion, dozens injured

Lebanon's Tleil village where the disaster took place is about 2.5 miles away from the Syrian border


A fuel tanker truck that exploded early Sunday in northern Lebanon, took 20 lives and wounding more than dozens.


Though, it was not immediately clear what caused the fuel tanker truck blast.


According to the Lebanese Red Cross, there units have recovered 20 corpses from the site of the explosion in the village of Tleil and also have safely evacuated 79 people who were wounded or suffered burns in the blast.


Lebanese Red Cross units, hours after the explosion were still searching the site in halt there were more victims as Lebanese soldiers sealed the area.


All hospitals in northern Lebanon and the capital, Beirut, had been called on to receive those who are injured by the explosion by the Health Minister of Lebanon, Hamad Hassan and also added that the Lebanon government will pay for their treatment.


Hospitals in northern Lebanon were calling on people to donate blood of all types and local TV stations showed a telephone number for those who are willing in donating blood to call.


The blast comes when the country faces a severe fuel shortage which has been blamed on smuggling, stacking up and the cash-strapped government’s inability to secure the deliveries of imported fuel.


Lebanon's Tleil village where the disaster took place is about 2.5 miles away from the Syrian border.


But, it was not immediately clear if the fuel tanker was to be smuggled to Syria where fuel rates are much higher than to those compared in Lebanon.


The country’s army has been breaking down on smuggling activities along the Syrian border and has confiscated thousands of liters of gasoline over the past days.


The early Sunday ’s explosion in Lebanon was the deadliest in the country since an Aug. 4, 2020, blast at Beirut’s port that took lives of not less than 214, and had injured thousands and destroyed parts of the capital.

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