Lost village emerges from water after 71 years in Italy

The village and around 163 homes were submerged to build a hydro-electric plant

The remnants of a lost Italian village have again reappeared for the first time in 71 years after it was submerged to build a hydro-electric plant.      

The lost village of Curon was located in former alpine village in Italy's north-eastern South Tyrol which was flooded by authorities to build a reservoir in 1950 - despite objections from its hundreds of residents.

Around 163 homes submerged to the lake bed and only the 14th-Century church tower remained visible on the water's surface - creating a salient landmark that has become a tourist attraction.

A dam was built to merge two natural lakes and create the power generating site, causing the village to be covered by Lake Resia in the process.

Lake Resia is an artificial lake in the western portion of South Tyrol, Italy, approximately 2 kms south of the ReschenPass..

As the lost city has resurfaced, the social media users posted pictures of the lost village which featured remains of steps, walls and
cellars at the former settlement.

Curon’s history also inspired a 2020 Netflix drama, titled Curon.

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