Man catches deadly 'lionfish'

In the waters of UK, a lionfish was caught off the coast of Dorset

There are many creatures in the sea which are mysterious. We even don't know how many dangerous creatures are present in the deep waters of the ocean. 

In the waters of the UK, a lionfish was caught off the coast of Dorset. This six-inch fish was caught on 30 September by a 39-year-old man named Arfon Summers who was fishing with his father just off Chesil Beach.

He was enjoying a relaxing fishing session with his dad, Bill and he reeled in one of the deadliest fish in the world.

The venomous fish is also called Pterois and  is are native to the Indo-Pacific. These fishes are characterised by warning coloration with white, red, and creamy black bands, pectoral fins, and spiky fin rays. It can cause severe pain and paralysis when touched by humans while in severe cases it can also result in death. 

This species is local to the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean only. Marine biologists say that the one caught by Arfon may have travelled to Britain from Italy or might have  been dumped in the sea after being kept in an aquarium.

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