Man hides 113 wraps of drugs between buttocks

The police also found drug dealing messages on a phone which was seized from the car

Drug trafficker around the world runs a huge network of transport and communication. Their transactions take place with strict care and planning in order to avoid raids by Drug Enforcement Agencies and the cops. It is well known to all that drug dealers smuggle drugs by hiding them in their buttholes.

Lately, when patrol cops stopped a car on suspicion and arrested three occupants. One of the occupants was caught with 113 wraps of drugs hidden away between his buttocks with 60 wraps of heroin and 53 wraps of crack cocaine.

The raid was carried out by officers of Operation Raptor who are specifically assinged to track down drug dealer gangs across the country.

Inspection revealed that Darryl Meade was linked to a London-based gang and admitted possession with the intent to supply the drugs.

Last year, a man attempted to throw cocaine worth USD 30,940 out of his car after getting caught by cops. Apart from that, drug dealing texts were found on a mobile phone which was seized from inside the car.

Further inspection revealed that when police officers from Devon and Cornwall approached the vehicle they noticed the seats, dashboard, and floor were covered in white powder. The occupant tried to throw the drugs out of the window but turned into a disastrous car spill as he had forgotten to open the window.

The occupant is from Lower Clapton and admitted possession and has been sentenced to three years in prison.


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