Mother quits job to become dumpster driver; earns Rs 73K/week

A woman has quit her full-time job to become a dumpster diver, earning more than $1,000 (Rs 73,000) a week

Tiffany She'ree has responsibilities because she happens to be a mother of four.


But last year, she suddenly decided to leave her job as a canteen server after realising she could make more money by selling items that had been discarded in the trash.


The 32-year-old didn't just think about the new money-making process. She actually took the risk and started working as a dumpster collector.


A few months years the career switch, Tiffany now makes $1,000 every week, which is easily higher than what a canteen server earns.


Tiffany has shared details of her money-making and money-saving endeavors on TikTok, gaining over 2 million followers in a quick time.


Tiffany also has an Instagram account named 'dumpsterdivingmama' where she shares photos and videos of her diving adventures and other things regularly.


"I'd never heard of or thought about dumpster diving before I randomly saw a video on YouTube of these girls dumpster diving. When I saw the haul they came back with I knew I had to try it for myself," said Tiffany.


The 32-year-old said she has found all sorts of valuable items in garbage bins. She once managed to find a $750 coffee machine from Bed Bath and Beyond.

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