No reason to stop Oxford COVID Vaccine: Says WHO

Astra Zeneca is an excellent vaccine, as are the other vaccines that are being used: WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris

The World Health Organization said there was no reason to stop using Astra Zeneca's Covid-19 vaccine. This statement has come after several European countries suspended the vaccine over blood clot issue. Several European countries including Denmark, Norway and Iceland temporarily suspended the rollout of the Astra Zeneca vaccine after the report of blood clot by vaccine receiver. Italy and Austria have also banned the use of shots from separate batches of Astra Zeneca, Thailand and Bulgaria said they would also delay the rollout of the shot.

A range of health authorities around the world have also insisted the vaccine is safe, including the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the WHO. The EMA also said that there had been 30 cases of so-called thromboembolic events among five million people who had received the jab in Europe

Amidst fear over use of vaccine WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris told reporters "Yes, we should continue using the Astra Zeneca vaccine," adding that "there is no indication to not use it." The WHO said its vaccines advisory committee was currently looking at safety data and stressed that no causal link had been established between the vaccines and clotting. "Astra Zeneca is an excellent vaccine, as are the other vaccines that are being used," WHO spokeswoman also told to reporters at Geneva. "We've reviewed the data on deaths. There has been no death, to date, proven to have be caused by vaccination," she said.

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