Our politicians have mismanaged country, democracy needs to return in Lanka: said Sanath Jayasuriya

The former captain of Sri Lanka cricket Jayasuriya is hopeful that very soon democracy will return and things will slowly become normal in the long run

Former captain Sanath Jayasuriya is dissapointated to witness his country, Sri
Lanka grapple with enormous financial crisis and civil unrest but he is expecting
that democracy will soon be restored in the Island nation.

The former captain and one of the greatest players of Asia, Jayasuriya is unhappy
about the politicians, who he thinks has made a mess of everything.

The former captain told the news agency PTI, “It is a very, very sad situation as to
what Sri Lankan public has to go through. My country is suffering and I am deeply
pained to see people standing in long queues to buy essential food items. There is
no electricity, no fuel and above all basic medicines are unavailable. It couldn’t
have gotten worse for the common man.”

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, whose failed economic policies, have brought the
beautiful island nation down on its knees, has reportedly fled to Maldives and his
palatial residence has been taken over by the general public.

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