Pakistani artist held for having long hair; see how Twitter reacts

They wanted to teach Abuzar a lesson for his long hair and appearance

An artist from Pakistan was arrested for long hair by the Punjab Police in Lahore earlier in June and had to spend a night in lock up in Model Town police station. Twitter user Natasha Javed said in a thread.

The artist name Abuzar Madhu, let's check Natasha's series of tweet here:


“Abuzar is an artist and a teacher. He was waiting for a rickshaw near Kalma Chawk when a police van stopped him. They asked for his ID card, which luckily he had. He showed the ID card. The police officer then asked others to put him in the police van ‘Ainu Gaddi wich Pao.”

"After Abuzar asked the officer about the issue, he attributed it to his “hulia” or appearance, “lambay baal” or long hair, precisely. The officer told Abuzar that the arrest was made also because “he is out on the street at 3am.”

“Abuzar asked the officer what the issue was. The officer continued to threaten and scare him by saying that he will find out the issue once he reaches the police station. That the issue was his ‘Hulia’/appearance, his ‘lambay Baal’ and that he is out on the street at 3am. Abuzar kept explaining that he is a teacher and an artist. However, the police harassment did not stop, and they forced him to sit in the van, and he was taken to the police station.”

At the police station, they checked him and his bag. They found nothing except a few books still they put Abuzar in the lock-up. They wanted to teach Abuzar a lesson for his long hair and appearance. He later rescued by his friend.

Natasha Javed said that "Abuzar is out and safe now. The fear that the police could’ve easily taken a step further and even further if they wanted - is real. And that we sit here accepting it all is making me more furious.” She express serious concern over the system.

Netizens react to it. The tweet got thousands retweet and people express their concern to it. Some says its disgusting matter, some questions the freedom and authority.

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