Pollution turns Argentina Lagoon pink

The people of Trelew are scared by seeing the effect of pollution on the water.


Pollution levels are seen to increase all over the world at an alarming rate. Harsh effects can be seen now on the natural bodies.


In Argentina's southern Patagonia's region, a lagoon is seen to turn pink by getting contaminated. The people of Trelew, a small town situated near the lagoon, are scared seeing the effect on the water.


A complaint was made by locals of foul smell, which when investigated came to know that it occurred because of Sodium Sulphite, a chemical used in preserving prawns in the lagoon.


In a study it was said that this chemical has not been serving a lot of benefit, instead contaminating the water.


However, the environmental control chief of the area has said that it will not cause any damage to human beings and this color will be gone in a few days.

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