Scarlett Johansson files lawsuit against Disney for 'Black Widow' release

The complaint was filed in Los Angeles' Superior Court by Johansson.


Scarlett Johansson, who is the star of Marvel superhero movie has sued Walt Disney.


She said that the company has not kept the contract in which it was declared that the movie will release at the streaming platform as well as in theatres both at the same time.


Whereas Disney contradicted and said that they haven't broken any commitment from the contract. They also added that the release of the movie on the OTT platform has only increased her ability to earn more and she has received additional $20 million till date.


The complaint was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court by Johansson.


However, Scarlett informed that her revenue has been decreased due to Black Widow's release strategy. It was supposed to be an exclusive release which turned out to be a partly box office revenue.


The movie was released in theatres on 9th of July and $30 dollar was charged for streaming the movie on Disney+ services.

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