Scientists stunned by lightning in Alaska

This week, the area of Siberia had experienced three successive thunderstorms.


The Arctic region of Siberia, which is to the north of Alaska, experienced unusual lightning.


Lightning storms are not that common in that region as the water is covered with ice most of the time and the convective heat which is required for its generation is missing. However, this week, the area had experienced three successive thunderstorms to which the scientists say that it would become less in number as a result of global warming.


Ed Plumb, a meteorologist at National Weather Service situated in Fairbanks, said that forecasters have never experienced anything like this before. The Arctic is experiencing the change in the warm belts of the earth more than any other region.


The cases of lightning have seen an increase in three times since 2010. This is the clear indication of seeing a climate change and the loss of ice is also more to the sea in the north.


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