Shallow quake hits China's Sichuan province

The China Earthquake Networks Centre measured a magnitude of 6.0

A shallow earthquake struck southwestern China in Thursday morning. The natural disaster killed two people and dozens were injured. The earthquake triggered the second-highest level of emergency response by rescuers in Sichuan province of China.


While the US Geological Survey said that the magnitude of the quake was 5.4, the China Earthquake Networks Centre measured a magnitude of 6.0. They have put it at a shallow depth of 10 kilometres.


The earthquake struck the Luxian county around 120 kilometres southwest of Chongqing. The regional authorities said the event had left three people in serious condition and 50 others injured and twenty two houses collapsed.


Du Bin, deputy chief of the Sichuan Earthquake Administration said, "It is unlikely there will be a larger earthquake in the area in the near future, but aftershocks will continue for some time."


Many house holds are suffering from power cuts and authorities are taking action to restore the normal condition of the area.


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