Spaceflight with Bezos was disappointing, says oldest passenger Wally Funk

Wally Funk created history when she became the oldest person to fly in space.

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos has had his first spaceflight alongside 3 fellow astronauts. Among them was the oldest Wally Funk, who is 82 years old and created history by her fly in space said that the capsule ‘didn’t go high enough’.


The Blue Origin flight, which has been trolled on Twitter for only just escaping the Earth’s atmosphere, was the company’s first human flight.


In a post flight interview with chanel Fox, Wally Funk expressed her disappointment not to see the curvature of the Earth while aboard the Blue Origin flight.


Wally Funk who had spent six decades in her attempt to reach space as a trained astronaut said, ‘We went right on up and I saw darkness. I thought I was going to see the world, but we weren’t quite high enough.’


The oldest astronaut also said that she would have loved to have spent longer in zero gravity to ‘do a lot more rolls and twists and so forth.’


She further says that she loved every minute of her in space but she just wishes that it had been longer.


The 11-minute journey to space, set up by Jeff Bezos who is the world’s richest man flew to 350,000ft on the 52nd anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.


A United Kingdom based billionaire businessman, Sir Richard Branson recalls successful fly 50 miles above the surface of the Earth on his VSS Unity spaceplane just nine days before the Bezos’s Blue Origin.


Speaking to The Sun following his successful spaceflight, Sir Richard Branson said, “I have my astronaut wings. Nasa, who are the global authority on this, have always recognised 50 miles as the boundary of space. These are the rules we work under. Blue Origin’s initial spaceship may do a handful or two handfuls of seconds more in space than us, but our future spaceship will do the same.”


He also said that there is no difference to the overall experience that people have and if anybody looks at the pictures taken during the mission, they will just see that we were firmly in space.


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