Thai man excretes 59 feet long tapeworm from rectum

Bovine tapeworm is caused bytransmission by eating raw beef

A 67 year old man in Thailand’s Nong Khai province has visited the hospital, complaining of stomach pains and flatulence. When the doctor send the stool sample at the Parasitic Disease Research Centre it showed contained 28 eggs and man was given de-worming medicine calledniclosamide.

The next day in shocking incident a giant parasite oozed out of his bottom. It’s a huge 59-foot tapeworm - the biggest ever found in the country for 50 years. The footage of mammoth 59ft parasite and laying it onto a red cloth is circulating on the social media.

Doctors believed that the parasite came from infected and uncooked beef that contained eggs. According to doctor the Taeniasaginata is bovine tapeworm. Transmission is caused by eating raw beef. These parasites can live in humans for more than 30 years but currently, they do not survive very long because better medication is available. Doctors had suggested that the patient’s family should also have to take medical tests to find out whether they had parasites as they are also at risk.

It is also a matter of concern and strong message to human to be careful who eat raw or undercooked beef which contains the infective larvae.

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