UK Amazon warehouse destroys 1.3 lakh items including MacBook, iPads per week

One former Amazon employee said staffs were given a weekly target of items to destroy.

Amazon destroys millions of unsold items, including preminum electronics, books and even face masks every year, a new investigation has revealed.

UK broadcaster ITV filmed an undercover footage inside Amazon's warehouse in Scotland. The footage showed many of the products like laptops, TVs, jewelry, headphones, books, and face masks being loaded into crates marked "destroy."

Most of the sellers keep their products in Amazon’s huge warehouses, but once they are been unsold for a long period of time, destroying them becomes much more cheaper than to pay for their storage.

A former Amazon employee told that they were given weekly target of approximately 130 thousands of items to destroy.

The same employee told ITV that while the number of products to be destroyed was around 1.3 million, the number of products donated in the same period was just 28 thousand.

While the items which are to be scrapped have been marked “destroy,” those to be donated had “donate” written on their boxes. The difference between the two was huge.

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