Ukrainian plane on Kabul airlift mission hijacked to Iran

The plane was stolen from them on Sunday by armed hijackers.

In a latest update from Kabul, an Ukrainian plane that came to Afghanistan to evacuate its citizens was hijacked by unidentified people from the the city's International Airport, according to media reports. The plane was diverted to Iran, reports claimed. Quoting Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister Yevgeny Yenin, a Russian News Agency reported that the plane was stolen from them on Sunday by armed hijackers.
"Last Sunday, our plane was hijacked by other people. On Tuesday, the plane was practically stolen from us, it flew into Iran with an unidentified group of passengers onboard instead of airlifting Ukrainians. Our next three evacuation attempts were also not successful because our people could not get into the airport," Yevgeny Yenin said. On Sunday, another military transport plane with 83 people onboard, including 31 Ukrainians, had arrived from Afghanistan to Kiev.
Western countries have been working at a "war-footing pace" to get people out of Afghanistan following widespread chaos punctuated by sporadic violence has gripped Kabul's airport, with Western troops and Afghan security guards driving back crowds desperate to flee following the Taliban's take over of the Afghan capital on August 15.

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