UN gives 'code red' warning on climate change

Carbon dioxide has disastrously increased in the earth’s atmosphere

Global warming is gradually getting out of control and according to a report by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) climate panel, earth which is already facing climate changes for decades, are all set to suffer more problems.


IPCC’s Sixth Assessment report stated that it is irrefutable that global human activities have acted as a catalyst raising global temperature.


In the present scenario, rapid changes in the climate are influencing every natural habit on Earth, including the oceans. Climate phenomenons such as heatwaves, heavy rainfall, droughts and tropical cyclones have become more frequent.


This year, Europe has been affected by floods more deadly than ever before. The UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy and many other countries have been affected.


Carbon dioxide has disastrously increased in the earth’s atmosphere. India has 7.09% global share in CO2 emission.


Meanwhile, wildfires are destroying acres of forest land in Greece and Turkey. Few months ago the Amazon rainforest, engulfed in fire for over weeks, made a major impact on the planet.


If major steps are taken then a 1.5C rise in temperature can be maintained. Otherwise if the world continues at its current rate, the rise could be 2.0C in the next 40 years and 2.7C.

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