UNGA Prez calls for peace protection of Afghan civilians

He noted that the Afghans from every ethnic and political groups should come together to bring the peace

Volkan Bozkir, the President of the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), has called for peace protection of the Afghan civilians especially for women and children after the twin suicide explosions outside Kabul airport.


Volkan, in a note which he emailed to UN correspondents on Tuesday, said that the protection of civilians rights and freedoms of Afghan people should be given the highest priority.


"The United Nations must lead the way in assisting the people of Afghanistan at this crucial juncture. More than ever the Afghan people need the support of the international community to preserve hard gained achievements and overcome the many challenges facing security, sustainable development, and the economy," he said.


He further added that for 40 years, the UN General Assembly dealt with the situation in Afghanistan and was focusing on peace, stability, good governance, political reconciliation, human rights and development, hoping that the turmoil will be over but unfortunately, they all shattered after the recent developments during the past two weeks.


According to him, the horrific news of twin blasts is alarming and will only complicate the actions of evacuation. He further noted that the Afghans from every ethnic and political group should come together to bring peace for the Afghan citizens and stability in the war-torn country.


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