United Nations confirms April 2021 cyberattack

The world body is oft-times targeted by cyberattacks, including perpetual campaigns

The United Nations has confirmed a news report by Bloomberg that about a cyberattack on its computers in April 2021.


The Xinhua news agency has cited Stephane Dujarric, spokesman for Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, on Thursday, “We can confirm that unknown attackers were able to breach parts of the UN (communications) infrastructure in April of 2021.”


The spokesperson said that this attack had been detected before and they were notified by the company as quoted in the Bloomberg article.


The person said that all corrective actions to reduce the impact of the breach that had already been planned and were being implemented.


The UN spokesperson also said, “At that time, we thanked the company for sharing information related to the incident and confirmed the breach to them.”


He added that the world body is oft-times targeted by cyberattacks, including perpetual campaigns.


The person added UN can confirm that further attacks that are linked to April breach have been detected and are responded.


Bloomberg reported on Thursday that the hackers who infringe into the UN’s computer networks earlier in April this year and acquired a trove of data that cam be used to target agencies.


Bloomberg said that the hackers were able to purchase off the dark web, the stolen username and password of a UN employee.


Although, the UN spokesman did not say how damaging the April cyberattack was.

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