US urges over 150 world leaders not to come to UN over COVID-19

The US is requesting them to consider giving a virtual address instead

The U.N. General Assembly is all set to happen next month with 150 countries planning to send their leader or a government minister to New York to speak in person but America is requesting them to consider giving a virtual address instead as to prevent the annual high-level week from becoming a potential super-spreader event.


The US sent a note to the 192 other U.N member nations to hold the meetings and side events virtually. Sighting their reasons they said saying these meetings will draw travelers to New York which increases the risk to the city and it's people.


Reports indicate that the Biden administration is concerned about Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and the incoming General Assembly President Abdulla Shahid who are hosting high-level in-person meetings on climate change, vaccines, the 20th anniversary of the UN, World Conference Against Racism, food systems and energy.


The US ensured every effort to make these important events successful in a virtual format. But they also said that the General Debate should be the only event held with in-person participation.


According to reports, high level government officials like President of France, US, Turkey will be present along with PM from countries like Britain, India and Israel will also be present. Russian and Chinese high officials will also be present.


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