Wildfires wreak havoc in Greek forests, cut large island in half

The causes of the fires are being investigated and three people were arrested in suspicion

Greek firefighters are fighting all night to save a town of 7,000 people named Istiaia, in northern Evia with several other villages by using bulldozers to open up a clear paths in the thick forest so that they can control the massive fire. Immediate evacuations of around 1,400 people are done.

A biblical catastrophe as described by one official is trying to engulf a whole towns and cutting a line across Evia, the second-largest island of the country, isolating it's northern part. The fire till now has destroyed mountainsides and ancient sites.

"A flotilla of 10 ships — two Coast Guard patrols, two ferries, two passenger ships and four fishing boats — waited at the seaside resort of Pefki, near the northern tip of Evia, ready to evacuate more residents and tourists if needed" a Coast Guard spokeswoman said.

The fires were in Greece's southern Peloponnese peninsula near Ancient Olympia and one in Fokida. The fire in Ancient Olympia moved east, away from the ancient site, endangering villages. Till now one volunteer firefighter died and at least 20 injured are being treated in hospitals.

“When this nightmarish summer has passed, we will turn all our attention to repairing the damage as fast as possible, and in restoring our natural environment again,” Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said.

Firefighters and aircraft from France, Spain, Ukraine, Cyprus, Croatia, Sweden, Israel, Poland, Romania, Switzerland and the United States are sent to assist the Greeks. Rising global warming and climate changes are the reasons shown by Greek and European officials for the similar incidents of fires burning across Europe.

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