Woman spends Rs 1 Lakh to marry herself

She even bought a diamond ring.

There are myriad causes why a bride calls off her wedding days on the big day. Some breakups are reasonable and justified, but some are just downright bizarre and outrageous. This particular case of 'marriage' is not a combination of two persons.

A woman in the US has married herself in a ceremony costing £1,000 (Rs 1.02 lakh) after splitting from her boyfriend. Interestingly, the former couple had an amicable breakup in June 2020. But Meg Taylor Morrison wasn't really ready to give up her dreams of being a bride on Halloween.

Meg, who hails from Atlanta, wanted to get married on Halloween, 2020. She even bought a diamond ring. The 35-year-old married herself in a formal ceremony and said she decided to go ahead with her plan as she wanted to move away from the idea of pleasing other people.

Even though she admitted she wasn't fully comfortable with the idea as friends and family viewed her actions as narcissistic, she still went ahead with it. The ceremony held at an Airbnb in Colorado, was attended by Meg's closest friends and family members.


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