Woman thought she was passing kidney stone, ends delivering baby in toilet

She didn’t have any visible baby bump during her nine months pregnancy

Every day we are coming across much bizarre news from all around the world, this time it happened in US, when a women thought she was passing kidney stone, but ends up delivering a baby.

Melissa Surgecoff, 38, she had no idea she was pregnant when she began to experience cramping the morning of March 8. She also said that there were plenty of signs she was pregnant, but she believed she was passing a kidney stone in the toilet, not her first child.

Surgecoff the resident of North Shore of Boston have a history of irregular menstrual cycles, so she thought her period was coming after missing it for five months.

"It wasn't super alarming or a red flag, but I told myself this wasn't normal," Surgecoff told to media.

As the day progressed, her cramps grew increasingly worse to the point where she called her mother to see if she could take her to the doctor. With each passing cramp she would get into the fatal position to attempt to alleviate the pain.

Her partner Donnie Campbell also thought she may have been passing a kidney stone and called 911 for help. But after a while, the pain became unbearable and she couldn’t sit and started screaming out loud in pain.

In a miracle, while delivering the baby, she still didn’t have idea what was going on even after she had given birth to her baby on toilet.

The couple had also shared the experience of giving the surprise birth. "We were just kind of in shock and not expecting it, and all the sudden there's a baby in the toilet."

The mother was in a state of shock because she had absolutely no clue that she was pregnant, as she doesn’t have any visible baby bump during her nine months pregnancy.

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