Woman with rare brain condition collapses any time she sees someone 'attractive'

She has been diagnosed with rare brain cataplexy

A women from UK, collapses every time she sees someone ‘attractive’; for this she avoids eye contact with anyone she finds attractive in order to stop losing control of her body.

The 32-year-old mother, Kirsty Brown, from Northwich, Cheshire, has been diagnosed with rare brain disorder that had led to her in this extreme condition. She suffers from cataplexy, a condition in which a sudden strong emotion like anger, fear, or laughter can trigger muscle paralysis. This rare condition is also commonly associated with narcolepsy, a sleeping disorder in which attacks last less than two minutes. She was born with the narcolepsy gene and is diagnosed at the age of 9.

The condition is extremely difficult as she gets five attacks of cataplexy per day which can go up to 50 on a day. The condition has also cause her injury. She expressed "It's so embarrassing. I was out shopping once and I saw someone that looked alright, and my legs just went and I had to cling onto my cousin for support" she also added "If I see someone attractive, my legs just go so I try not to put myself in situations where that could happen, or I try to keep my eyes down for my own safety.”

Apart from emotions loud noises like beeping cars or shouting that can cause Kirsty to collapse. Kristy, the mother of two had also explained how hard it is for her to get her job due to the condition of frequent collapse.

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