Massive tornado hits Alabama in US

At least five reported to be dead and properties were destroyed

Alabama witnesses deadly tornadoes and at least five deaths and multiple injuries have been reported in Calhoun County. Alabama Emergency Management Agency Director Brian Hastings has estimated that hundreds of homes were destroyed or damaged in his state.

The tornado was part of a "particularly dangerous" system of storms rolling across the Deep South, just south of Birmingham, Alabama. The storm is a long-track "super cell" and produced multiple tornadoes in multiple counties across central Alabama. It travelled in excess of 100 miles before it hit the state.  Fourteen tornadoes have been reported in Alabama according to the National Weather Service, along with one in Mississippi and one in Georgia.

A large tornado near Newnan, Georgia, just south of Atlanta, can be termed as a "particularly dangerous situation" and urged residents to "take cover now."In Calhoun, three adults from the same family were killed when a tornado hit the town of Ohatchee, about 60 miles northeast of Birmingham. One man in a mobile home in Ohatchee also died, and the fifth death in the county was a woman in a mobile home in Wellington.

The National Weather Service office in Birmingham, Alabama, has also issued a "tornado emergency" for areas just south and east of the city, in Shelby and Jefferson counties it is indicated that it could bring catastrophic destruction to property.

The officials also posted on twitter to create awareness by "Tornado safety plans, everyone” Get low, get in the middle of the building. DON'T WAIT TO THE LAST MINUTE. TAKE COVER NOW!"

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