Mrs World Caroline Jurie, who snatch crown off Mrs Sri Lanka’s head, arrested for assault

An additional fee of half a million Sri Lankan rupees has been demanded from Juries

The Mrs World Sri Lanka pageant witnesses’ high drama when reigning Mrs. World Caroline Jurieon Sunday took the crown off the winner's head and falsely claimed she was a divorcee and therefore ineligible to take part.

In connection with this the former pageant has been arrested by the police in Sri Lanka for assaulting Mrs. Sri Lanka participant, Pushpika de Silva, and snatching off the crown from her head.

This has also resulted in de Silva getting head injuries and was admitted into the hospital. But de Silva had had said that she would not take this matter to the court if she got an apology from her. However, it was not meant to be, as she has refused.

Along with Jurie, her associate named Chula Manamendra was also taken into custody. A court hearing will take place on April 19 and the two were released on bail on Thursday.

The pageant's local franchise holder Chandimal Jayasinghe is claiming compensations from Mrs. World 2019 for causing damage to the stage as well as the backstage mirrors in the dressing rooms as they were broken during the ruckus that took place on Sunday. Due to all the disturbance, the event was dragged on for two whole hours. An additional fee of half a million Sri Lankan rupees has been demanded from Jurie.

De Silva reiterated that she is separated from her husband therefore legally, she is still married.

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